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At Knowledge Harbor Academy we encourage children to become active participants in the learning process through hands on exploration across the curriculum. Children learn best when they can use all of their senses to experience learning first hand. Our approach is based on a blend of play and project based activieswhich makes each theme more meaningful and memorable. We believe that children should not only hear stories but have a chance to become part of a story themselves by dressing up and playing the role of characters or understanding the authors while having the chance to communicate with them. Imaginative play is extremely important at this stage of development and children need to have exposure to high quality tools to explore and expand their view of the world around them.

Language Arts

girl raising handStudents will have the chance to explore various authors and a wealth of story books whether they are listening or participating in stories that are presented to them. They will write and draw in daily journals as a means of expression. We will learn rhyme through poetry as we write together and explore. We strongly encourage the use of real quality experiences with reading and writing and discourage the use of worksheets in any form and in any subject area as we believe developmentally appropriate practice dictatethat drill and unguided repetition has the lowest level of learning outcomes at this stage of development. As we introduce new themes our children will experience various projects that tie directly in to the theme. They will have the opportunity to draw, write, listen, view, and create unique original pieces as part of their connection to the experience.


Our drama program is focuses on the build up to a performance as well as the finished product. Whether it is through the performing of puppetry or acting out a scene, children will have the chance to experience the entire process of bringing their creative self to life with an audience of peers and sometimes parents.


The use of counting and number exploration will be an important part of every day in our classrooms. Children will be exposed to various math manipulatives that relate to counting, measuring, adding, subtracting, and guided practice through exploration.

Foreign Language: Spanish

At this stage of development it is important to offer our children a rich experience in a foreign language. Children's brains are very receptive to absorbing a second language up until the preteen years. Exposure to language for young children comes easily as they are learning aspects of the language first hand as opposed to adults who have to first translate new language elements to assign meaning. Children at this age can learn both meanings consecutively. Your children will be exposed to Spanish based learning for an hour each day unless you request otherwise.


woman playing piano with girlOur music component consists of singing, exposure to great composers and musicians as well as opportunities to explore and try various instruments. They will learn the basics of how to hold and manipulate a variety of instruments and will have a chance to create an original piece of their own.

Visual and Creative Arts

Our students will be exposed to traditional arts and crafts through high quality instruction and exploration on a daily basis. We will introduce students to famous artists and their works their techniques while letting them explore the medium. For example, if we are learning about Jackson Pollock, we will suit them up and let them splash away. (Children will be returned to the parents in original condition!)


Children are naturally little scientists and we have just the environment to help them explore the natural world. We have a live indoor horticulture environment and a classroom salt water aquarium for children to discover, observe and document plant and marine life first hand. We will learn narture and nurture by involving the children in the care of our live classroom. Your young scientists will be able to show you how to use magnifying lenses and microscopes to explore minerals, rocks, shells, microbes, and plants.


Our classrooms will be fully equipped with Ipads, laptops, and we will have a SmartBoard installed for use as an educational tool. We recognize the concern of over usage of technology for entertainment purposes. However, we believe that our children should learn how to utilize technology for education.. We must remember that we are educating our children for careers that may not even exist today and they need to be exposed to the latest technological advances as they come into existence.

Soft Skills

Knowledge Harbor curriculum is designed to help grow and nurture the whole child through the four key elements of growth including social, emotional, physical, and intellectual.


Your child interacts socially with others as they learn and explore the world around them. They will be encouraged to use appropriate communication skills as they make friends while building self-esteem and confidence while learning how to nurture relationships with peers. We will encourage and guide them on working together on group projects.


Children will grow emotionally as they begin to feel safe and secure in school away from home while making connections to people and routines that comfort them.


Children will learn through guided play as they explore and building their motor skills, coordination, mobility, and how their body interacts with the world around them.


In small class sizes of 1 teacher per 10 children we will provide a wealth of challenging tools and materials for learning language, arts, reading, and mathematical knowledge with our philosophy of movement and self-guided discovery.

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